How to be More Than a Regular Client

So, you’ve been seeing a companion for a while from an elite Lyon escort agency.  You see her quite often and it seems you only have eyes for her. Every time you two are on a date she dazzles you with her pleasant conversation and flirty attitude.  You know so far things have been mostly on a business level, but you crave more!  There are a few ways you can develop a relationship with an escort outside of business hours and be more than a regular client.

Honesty really is the best policy, and this also goes for letting your favorite companion know you’d like to take things a step further. She probably already knows you’re interested in taking things further by your body language and mannerisms as escorts are good at reading people.  By being upfront and honest with her and letting her know what’s on your mind is always best to do so she can know you’re being truthful and respond accordingly.  Even if you don’t get the response you wished for, she will respect your honesty.

Everyone likes receiving something special and escorts aren’t any different.  Of course, you should always make sure you pay the correct donation amount and place it in an envelope out in the open without her asking, but an extra donation or gift would make her even happier.  Many gentlemen offer an extra donation even when they don’t want to form a personal relationship with a companion, so it’s best you go above and beyond to impress her.  If you rather give her something special like jewelry or perfume, then it’s best you ask her what she likes so you don’t get the wrong thing.  Also giving her a gift card to her favorite store may even be better so she can purchase what she wants on her own time.

If you’ve been seeing the companion for a while and feel extremely comfortable around her, ask her what she’d like to do on your date. Letting her choose the restaurant may spice things up a bit as you’ll probably catch her off guard. She may be excited and choose a place she’s always wanted to go to but never had the opportunity to do so. By doing this, you’re opening a door that will most likely make her feel closer to you and possibly help in forming a special connection with her.

Escorts’ number one rule is to remain discreet, so she’ll enjoy your company more and possibly give you a chance in a different type of relationship if you never share details of your encounters.  In the age of social media and escort reviews, many clients like to share the details of their dates on the internet.  While some ladies don’t mind reviews, many don’t enjoy them as they sometimes offer things that the escort doesn’t want to be repeated. It’s always best to ask if it’s okay to write reviews as it can help with the business side of things. However, it’s never okay to share details on social media as that’s an open platform that everyone has access to.

While many clients choose to keep things professional and not try to overstep any boundaries, some gentlemen find themselves attracted to their date in more ways than one.  By letting the Toronto escort know that you’re interested in taking things further, you open a dialogue that could work in your favor.  If she agrees to discuss the possibility of forming a relationship with you, make sure you take things slow and respect her boundaries.  You’ll still have to respect her work choice if you both choose to move forward.  If she doesn’t wish to take things further with you, it’s important you respect her decision.